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Diana Sinclair is a visual artist and curator working in the New York City area. In Nov 2020, she was selected as a 2021 YoungArts National Finalist in Photography, and since then has been exploring experimental video art and multimedia layering. She has had her artwork shown in numerous exhibits all over the world and herself became one of the youngest curators within the NFT space through solely curating The Digital Diaspora exhibit and auction in June at Superchief Gallery NFT. Her story and the exhibit were featured in publications like Teen Vogue, Hypebeast, The Guardian, and more. In July this year, she was selected for Fortune’s “NFTy 50: The 50 most influential people in NFTs” list. This fall, she was chosen as one of the featured artists in TIME’s first NFT collection. Most recently, she created a collection of four artworks, sold as NFTs, for the Whitney Houston’s Estate in collaboration with the OneOf platform to raise money for the Whitney E. Houston foundation. The centerpiece of the collection, an unreleased Whitney recording along with a video art piece created by Sinclair, sold for ~1 million in auction. As a young person in this unique time, Diana believes that the next renaissance will grow from the intersection of art and technology, and is passionate about creating work that embraces this evolution.


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Naval Commander #015 died on ████ ████, 3025. He was killed in a crash into the Cavern Region in galaxy Alpha while in defense of his colony. He was 34 years of age.

002 was born on ████ ████, 2091, in the Smoke Fields on Planet 1. #015 commanded a multitude of ships for the cause throughout his life and was regarded highly for his leadership and absence of mercy. His military career saw him collect over twenty soul coins which he carried with fortitude.

His final days were spent on a secret mission as directed by Terrarium leaders. He braved the assignment with strength until a traitor on the ship sabotaged the mission and led to the crash and subsequent death of #015 and his whole crew. He was posthumously awarded a medal of valor.

He is survived by his partner and a child.

This memorial portrait sits in our “Hall of Heroes”, adult sector.

Please contact the records department for exact dates of birth and death.

diana sinclair.jpg

Co-curated with Jaiden Stipp and Kimberly Bryant.



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