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Pol Kurucz is a photographer who draws from his background in theater and production to create his fantastical images. In his work, Kurucz aims to celebrate freedom outside the mainstream conception of reality with emphasis on boundless self-expression. Kurucz’s photographs are marked by deliberate use of clashing colors and heavy saturation with subjects that appear caught in the midst of nearly unrecognizable scenes; almost as if the viewer just peeked into an alternative world, one more surreal and queer than our own. 

Pol’s photos have been featured in over a hundred publications including Elle, Vogue, Dazed, GQ, Paper Magazine, and many others. His works have been exhibited at ArtExpo NYC, Red Dot Miami, Lincoln Center NYC, Somerset House London, Juxtapoz Club House Miami, Shanghai Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Superchief Gallery, Lumas Paris, Democrart Sao Paulo. Pol also works on commercial projects for international brands such as Netflix, Melissa Shoes, Jockey and Globo Brazil. He worked with and photographed celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna and Ugly Worldwide. Superchief Gallery NFT was proud to present Pol’s solo exhibition DOLLS DOLLS DOLLS in 2022.


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